Sylvia Bosco Works

Sylvia Bosco

Inspired by the beauty and heritage of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, life time resident Sylvia Bosco has crafted her admiration and love of nature through several mediums including oil, acrylic and graphite sketches.

Now her artistic direction has turned to sculpture through pottery. 

She has a BS Degree in Education from MS State University plus a degree in special education.  After retiring from a 28 year career in education she was invited by a friend to attend a pottery class, where she discovered perhaps her most creative expression of Gulf Coast life. 

Sylva spends endless hours sculpting creatures such as sea turtles, crabs, octopus and a menagerie of other inhabitants including the things dreams are made of such as an occasional mid-evil dragon or two. Each and every creation is individually hand crafted in great detail and hand glazed in very minute detail.  

To Sylvia’s very humble surprise, she has won many awards including the prestigious Lone Sailor U.S.N. Memorial Award in which a judge described her work as “This bowl was crafted with a lovely sense of motion, stunning attention to detail and  masterfully glazed.” 

Truly, these one of a kind Bosco creations will be admired throughout the ages.