We are so excited to launch “My Happy Place - Gallery & Framing”, offering contemporary art from local and regional artists.  After a 21 year run of a successful gourmet retail store, we had a desire and passion for a change.  The last year has been spent lovingly renovating our 120 year old building.  Come in the door and you step into the past and the present, married beautifully together, to create an inspirational space showcasing spectacular art.  There is a little bit of something for everyone - photography, paintings in multiple media, ceramics, wood sculptures, and jewelry - each piece wonderfully unique and specially created by our featured artists.


“Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.”  This marvelous quote from Danish-French painter Camille Pissarro captures the essence of “My Happy Place”.






Art is all around us every day - in the harmony of birdsong, the blending of color and texture within nature, and an array of architectural designs that create a community.  We all see the world individually, just as we see art from a personal interpretation - a piece must touch a person emotionally.  Enhancing and enriching a home with distinctive pieces is a form of artistic expression in and of itself, a means of making a house a home.  In all its many forms, art sets out to be discovered and contemplated - a moment of longing and interpretation blended with emotion, to move and inspire each of us as unique beings.






Our goal with the gallery is to bring together our community in a variety of ways - collect an array of marvelous art or share a beloved piece with a close friend or family member.  Also, gather at the gallery for a special, intimate event in a peaceful and inspirational environment.  We are offering indoor and outdoor spaces available for a variety of events, making your special occasion as distinctive as the art that surrounds you in “My Happy Place - Gallery & Framing”.




“My Happy Place” resides in our newly renovated building in the heart of downtown Ocean Springs.  The structure that houses the gallery was a home for many years.  It was finally sold around 1990 to a retired Air Force nurse that ran a book store there til we purchased the property in 2001.  The fact that “My Happy Place” is in a 120 year old home, with rich history, makes the gallery unique from many places across the country.  We have included in the renovations a perfect spot for unique gatherings, such as a bridal luncheon, an intimate birthday party, or a location for an informal business presentation.  


 We want the gallery to feel very warm, friendly, and inviting so we have kept many of the rustic aspects of the building, while offering a modern take on displaying art.  We don’t want “My Happy Place” to be thought of as a stuffy art gallery that is not very welcoming, but rather a place you could go hang out and enjoy the local vibe and culture.


The style of art is local and contemporary local as we get started.  We will feature beautiful paintings in many different medias and many different themes; spectacular photography, focusing on our local nature; unbelievable turned wood pieces, and splendid ceramics that are both whimsical and magnificent.  We will be open to expanding to include other artists as we find work that matches our intent of the gallery.


Services Offered:

  •     Custom Framing
  •     Art Installation
  •     Commissions & Portraits
  •     Site Visits and Consultations
  •     Lighting
  •     Appraisals & Restorations‚Äč