Michael Ginsberg Works

Michael Ginsberg

     I am a Connecticut native who still lives in Connecticut with my amazing wife and teen-aged daughter.  Having interest in various forms of woodworking since being in high school, my passion to create has evolved primarily to the craft of woodturning. After taking a basic class, which was given to me as a birthday gift from my wife eight years ago, I am on my third lathe upgrade and love being in my shop creating and exploring new ideas.  

     By day, I am a gemologist and work in the retail jewelry field where my skills designing, creating, and focusing on fine details are all utilized when I create my turnings.  

     One of the highlights of my woodturning journey was taking a class with the highly regarded David Ellsworth, who in the 1970s originated the modern artform of woodturning.  This is also where I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Weiss.  

     I believe a block of wood, with all of its unique characteristics such as the swirling grain within, or the vibrant contrast between the heart and sapwood, is my guide as to what to create.  A piece of wood is like a painter’s blank canvas or a sculptor’s lump of clay.  By manipulating the wood on and off the lathe focusing on form, color, and texture, the wood transforms into my art.  I feel that my pieces need to be picked up and held- they must feel good in the hand.  Just looking at one of my turnings is not enough to fully capture the true essence of my work.  

    My pieces are in private collections throughout the country, and I have received several ribbons in juried shows.